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Product Pricing and Shipping Costs

Shopify Integration | Shopify prices only, not pricing

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Shipping cost is separate from the production cost, you will see this pricing listed at the bottom of this chart. Products that do not have their own shipping costs listed are considered "standard products". 

You'll configure all of your store's shipping rates and methods from the Shopify Shipping settings page.

Viralstyle Fulfillment will automatically process, print & ship your orders if the "Auto-fulfill" setting is turned on (is by default). You are not required to set up shipping methods or manage shipping labels when using the Viralstyle Fulfillment app, this process is automated from our side. 

For automated notification email settings, please see the article below.

You will see a suggested "selling price" on the Launch page, which does not include the Shipping cost. You are able to adjust the selling price to meet your desired profit before you import the product(s).

Different product groups are printed & shipped from different Viralstyle Fulfillment facilities across the USA. We must charge individual/separate shipping costs for each product group-color (even if they're in the same cart, added by the customer). 

Example 1
Customer orders 1-Hoodie, 1-Coffee Mug, 1-Hat, 1-Beach Towel

Example 1 shipping costs (domestic)
1-Hoodie = $7.95
1-Coffee Mug = $5.95
1-Hat = $4.95
1-Towel = $4.95

Total Shipping Cost = $23.80

Although the Hat & Towel are both considered "Standard Products", they are in different product groups when looking at their color. This means they're coming from different facilities, which is why there would be separate shipping costs on each of these products. 

However, if the customer ordered 2-Hats for example, the shipping cost would be $2.00 for the additional product (Hat) because they are coming from the same facility.

Example 2
Customer orders 1-Hoodie, 1-Coffee Mug, 2-Hats

Example 2 shipping costs (domestic)
1-Hoodie = $7.95
1-Coffee Mug = $5.95
1-Hat = $4.95
1-Hat = $2.00

Total Shipping Cost = $20.85

The second Hat in this customers order will only cost $2.00 in shipping, because it is the second product added to their cart in the same product group.

For more information on the Viralstyle Fulfillment shipping policy, please review our Terms of Service > API (Shopify) Policy > Lost/Stolen article.

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