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Shopify Integration | Placing manual sample orders

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The best way to order a sample at cost from a product you've already launched, would be to create a coupon code for yourself. 

  1.  Click the "Discounts" tab in the admin panel HERE to create. 

  2. Use the coupon code to checkout like a customer would when placing an order. 

If you have not yet launched the product(s), launch a sample product in the Viralstyle Fulfillment app at lowest possible cost (equal to base cost of product). You can see the base cost of all products product HERE

To Order:

  1. Go to the "Orders" page in your Shopify account

  2. Click "Create Order" (top-right)

  3. Find or create a customer (note: customer information must be added in the correct fields, including name, verified shipping address & valid email address)

  4. Browse products

  5. Click "Vendors"

  6. Click "Viralstyle"

  7. Select your product & add to order

  8. Accept Payment. You can also email the invoice or save as draft.

Once you have placed the manual order, simply reach out to our Viralstyle Fulfillment Agents with the email address you'd used to purchase your sample(s)

You can use the in-app chat to contact us, or email We confirm the order has reached our system, then expedite the order to the best of our ability.

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