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How do I collect buyer emails?
How do I collect buyer emails?
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While setting up your campaign in Viralstyle, you may have missed a powerful feature that can help you build your business, increase sales and create a raving fan base. What is it? It’s the ability to collect the email addresses of your buyers. Viralstyle makes it easy to start collecting email addresses from your buyers. To get started you do need an email marketing service. Viralstyle supports these email platforms:

Once you've signed up with one of the services, it's time to integrate with Viralstyle. Follow the steps below to start building your email list for repeat buyers.

Step 1 Settings

When you sign into your Viralstyle account, click on the Settings option in your left sidebar.

Step 2 Email

Choose Emails from the list of options that appear at the top of your screen above your account information.

Step 3 Email Provider

Next, select your email service provider from the drop-down menu.

Step 4 API Key

Add the API Key provided by your email service provider.

If you focus on multiple topics, you may want to create more than one list to allow for greater targeting of future campaigns. Choose the list you would like to place your subscribers in.

Step 6 Select Your Email List

The next step is found when you set up your Viralstyle campaign. You will be able to choose your email list you'd like to associate with this campaign. Once you launch your campaign, your buyer's emails will be placed on the list you specified within your email platform.

From here you are able to set up email sequences in your chosen email platform. By staying in contact with your list, you have a base of buyers who have already purchased one of your designs. If you haven't already, be sure and set up your email lists in Viralstyle and start building your list of raving fans.

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