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How To Create A Custom Domain on Viralstyle?
How To Create A Custom Domain on Viralstyle?

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1. Go to the “Domains” tab on the Dashboard

2. Input your domain URL in Step 3 and click “Verify DNS”

3. If your domain had been directed successfully, the “Success! Your DNS is setup properly” will appear.

4. Click on the “Configure” to add the domain to your account.

5. You will be directed to the Whitelabel store settings page. Please update your store Company Name (this is the name that you are comfortable with displaying in the Internet browser tab) and Assets (Logo, Favicon & Banner), then click “Save”

 You have completed the Viralstyle Whitelabel Onboarding Procedure!

For more information on the Viralstyle Whitelabel Program, please reach out to the Client Services Department at

NOTE: If the “Verification Failed.” error occurs, please double check your domain URL spelling or DNS settings.

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