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What Is The Viral Network?
What Is The Viral Network? | Sellers

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With the launch of the new marketplace, we’ve also implemented the Viralstyle internal advertising initiative we’re calling “The Viral Network." This advertising will draw customers to your product sales pages that would not normally be visiting our site.

The Viral Network is not a replacement for your own online advertising efforts, however, it can help supplement your income by showing your products to millions of potential new customers that would not normally see them. Our highly targeted ads will benefit you, our clients, by drawing niche-specific consumers to your designated campaigns. We’re focusing heavily on quality original content moving forward and there are a few factors that go into being listed in the marketplace. To learn how to be listed, see the article about our new user ranking system.

For the nominal fee per sale, you will be able to participate in these Viralstyle generated ads and take advantage of all the sales that would otherwise not exist. It’s putting money into your pocket without doing any of the work. To read more about the new marketplace policies and advertising initiative, please see the marketplace section of our terms of service.

This fee is imposed only if the sale is procured through Viralstyle efforts via the marketplace or if the sale is procured through Viralstyle re-targeting efforts to customers that had abandoned their shopping cart originally. If you run personal ads to your campaign's sales page (even if your campaign is listed on the marketplace), you will not incur the fee. These are sales that are completed that would not have otherwise existed based on solely creating a campaign.

***Please note that if you do not wish to participate in this initiative, you always have the option to toggle the "Show on Marketplace" to the OFF position.***

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our dedicated account management and support staff at

Thank you!

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