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How Do I Get My Products In The Marketplace?
How Do I Get My Products In The Marketplace? | Sellers

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One of our most influential new features we’re using to ensure the best quality within our completely revamped Marketplace is the new Viralstyle user ranking system. The ranking system has been implemented for two distinct reasons:

  1. Recognize users that create quality assets and comply within our design policies and terms and conditions, giving them prioritized access to the Viralstyle Marketplace.

  2. Protect our users with intellectual property ownership, our marketplace partners, and our end customers from purchasing items of lesser quality, offensive, or items that may be subject to intellectual property infringement liability. 

How does the user ranking system impact your ability to sell with Viralstyle?

The Viralstyle Marketplace is composed of campaigns that have been approved through a review of a number of compliance parameters. It is based on a user’s account longevity, sales history, design themes, approved keywords, and the Viralstyle user’s ranking.

To be eligible to sell on the Viralstyle Marketplace, users must obtain and maintain a positive user ranking.  Users with higher ranks are also eligible for additional privileges within the Viralstyle Marketplace such as being showcased under our Featured Products or Trending Products sections of the Marketplace homepage.

Who receives a user rank within Viralstyle?

A user ranking is assigned to a seller after creating their Viralstyle account, launching a campaign, and completing a few sales. To be eligible to receive a user ranking, you must complete your Viralstyle profile in its entirety, ensuring you add your contact information and verify your payout details. This qualifying system helps to ensure that only sellers that are legitimate, with clean content, receive a user ranking and become eligible to sell on the Viralstyle Marketplace.

How does a user ranking change?

User rankings can increase as your account becomes more established over time and you drive more sales. Certain selling accomplishments may also improve your user ranking. 

A user’s ranking may be lowered if you are reported for violating any of our terms and conditions if you infringe upon another’s intellectual property, or you falsely advertise your products in any way misleading your customer base. User rankings will not reduce for sellers that have campaigns “taken down” due to our automated review system upon launch. Viralstyle user rankings may be modified by Viralstyle manually on a case-by-case basis. A complete account review will be made prior to any manual update of a user’s ranking. 

If you believe your campaign or account was updated/blocked/suspended in error, or if you have any questions regarding your account’s status, please reach out to our dedicated account management and support staff at Please make note that any user contacting our support team asking for ways to “beat the system” or incriminating themselves due to violating our policies are subject to having their account reviewed and their user ranking adjusted and/or account suspended.

Can sellers see their user ranking?

Viralstyle user rankings are for internal administration purposes only and are not visible on user dashboards. Our client support team cannot provide you with your user ranking. One of the benefits of having a high user ranking is having a higher daily launch limit and faster payouts. If you are able to launch a higher number of campaigns per day and/or receive same-day payouts, it is a good indication that you have a high user ranking.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our dedicated account management and support staff at

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