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There will be times where your customer may have a rural and/or new construction residence. In these cases, our verification systems may not recognize the customer address - which is required in order to initial the fulfillment process. We are able to bypass by forcing the validation process on our end. Please be advised, doing so will put liability into the merchants/users hands (you). 

STEP 1: Review Terms of Service
Viralstyle Fulfillment is bypassing (forcing) the validation process of the said order & address at the merchants/users request. If the delivery is unsuccessful, undeliverable, returned to sender or refused - Viralstyle Fulfillment cannot be held accountable in any way. 

The merchant/user agrees to these terms when the official request has been submitted. Viralstyle Fulfillment will not issue refunds, or reship products that are not delivered successfully - once the address is forced through.

Once Viralstyle Fulfillment has forced validation, the merchant/user will no longer have the opportunity to update the address. This request will finalize the fulfillment process, and is not reversible.

STEP 2: Reply To Agent
Your Account Manager has shared these terms with you in a direct reply to your request, using the Viralstyle in-app chat or email channel. If you would like to proceed, please reply directly to the Account Manager "I agree to terms" so that they can proceed.

The agent will add a note to your account (once you've agreed) so you will not have to agree to terms each time you've requested. If you would like us to force an address in the future simply type "please force" along with the order number in question so we can proceed.

Example: "Please force order #12345"

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