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Ending Campaigns Early
Ending Campaigns Early | Premium

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Ending a campaign early would:
• Ensure timely fulfillment/delivery to your customers.
• Give you early access to your payouts.
• Ads not converting? Get the orders you have in motion & shipped!

Here's how to end your campaigns early.

Click "Options" (•••) to the right of the campaign in question, then click the "End Early" button. 

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm, click "END".

The campaign has officially ended and will no longer be available for sale to the public.

If you have your Auto-relaunch & Auto-extend settings turned ON, the campaign will automatically relaunch after you end the campaign early. If you manually end your campaign early but there are no sales, the campaign will NOT relaunch even if the Auto-relaunch & Auto-extend settings are turned on.

In the event that you do not have these automated settings turned on, refer to the article below "Relaunching an ended campaign".


Click "Options" (•••) to the right of the campaign in question, then click "Clone". You'll need to x-out of the product category, and you should see the product & design as you'd initially created it. 

If you do not x-out, and decide to select a new product or upload a new design, you're not "cloning" the ended campaign. Doing this will give you an unsuccessful result, you will need to start from the beginning if you wish to clone once more.

From this point forward it is important to remember that all products, colors & pricing will be the same as when you'd initially launched the campaign. This would be a good time to make any last minute adjustments on the Pricing & Products or Launch page.

If you're happy with your settings on the Pricing & Products and Launch page, simply click the Launch icon. To launch the campaign check the box and agree to terms of service, then click "Launch".

If you land on the campaigns "Details" page, you have successfully relaunched an ended campaign. 

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