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Shipping discounts are an excellent way to increase AOV (average order value), or show customer appreciation. 

If you're sending out an email blast (re-marketing), shipping discounts would make that niche product even more appealing. 

Creating a sense of urgency for a potential first time buyer can increase the likelihood of a conversion, as well. Or maybe you'd like to give a family member or friend a reason to support your brand?!

Here's how to set a shipping discount with your Viralstyle campaigns.

After you've launched the campaign, you will see the details page which allows you to make any last minute adjustments. You're already in the right place, now let's create that shipping discount! 

Type the discount amount in the Shipping Discount field (seen below), then click save! 


To access this page from a campaign that has been previously launched, click "Options" (•••) to the right of the campaign in question. Then click the "Details" button which will take you straight to the Info tab to adjust your shipping discount, see below.

• Shipping discounts come from the seller's profits.
• The maximum shipping discount that can be set for each campaign is $4.95.
• If your customer places a multiple product order, they will only pay the difference in shipping at checkout.

Shipping Cost: $5.45
Shipping Discount: $4.95
Customer will pay: $0.50

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