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We encourage sellers NOT to target or sell Canvas internationally for many reasons, which is why we've added the notification. We can technically ship internationally, but the shipping cost is VERY high for the seller. Also, we cannot assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged Canvas when shipped internationally because the cost is too high for both ends. Please be advised, if the seller/merchant decides to target international buyers it will be at his/her own risk.

When using Viralstyle Fulfillment to ship internationally, we do not guarantee successful shipments nor handle returns/exchanges. 

Certain countries are high risk for customs issues, lost or stolen and/or lost in-transit shipments. Shipping internationally will be at the sellers own risk, and Viralstyle Fulfillment cannot be held accountable for packages that do not arrive successfully. We use USPS/UPS to ship these packages internationally, and as a carrier they do not provide tracking once the package has left the country (only when/if delivered successfully).

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