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Shopify Integration | Address verification & ePacket | International Sellers

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Viralstyle's Fulfillment does not verify international addresses. We will attempt to deliver the parcel to the address that the Merchant (or their customer) has provided at checkout. We assume the Merchant has taken the necessary steps to verify this address prior to submitting the order. Viralstyle Fulfillment does not provide shipping insurance nor handle lost/stolen packages, returns or exchanges. By using the Viralstyle Fulfillment app on Shopify, you have agreed to these terms and you assume all risks.

For lost or stolen parcels, you/your customer must file a complaint with the customers local post office so that they can launch an investigation. You may want to reach out to the local/regional post office in the location you are targeting, in order to find out who the USPS carrier connects to in that country. 

Viralstyle's Fulfillment does not guarantee international shipments. Non-ePacket countries are high risk for customs issues, lost/stolen and/or lost in-transit shipments. In the event that the parcel is not delivered successfully and "Returned to sender" the carrier will ship parcel back to your business address.

What is ePacket?

Important Note: Viralstyle's Fulfillment will not return products to international business addresses. If you do not have a US based business address, we will allow you use one of our facilities as your business address. By using our provided business address, you agree that we will donate the product to an official Viralstyle charity if returned at any time. We will not refund or reship the item when a product is returned to the Viralstyle facility.

CLICK HERE to see the location of your business address. This address will be used as the "return to sender" address for returned items as long as the parcels are labeled with a valid US address. If your business has an international address and you have not updated this field with our provided address, we will use this default address (301 W Platt St, Ste 47, Tampa, FL. 33606 USA) along with your store name by default.

Viralstyle Fulfillment will use UPS Innovations > USPS to ship these parcels internationally. Shipments will not list tracking to countries that do not fall under the ePacket list once parcels leave the United States. Non-ePacket shipments will only show "Delivered" when the goods are delivered successfully.

The following list of epacket countries will provide tracking outside of the USA.

Tiếng Việt

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