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Design Missing (Additional Products)
Design Missing (Additional Products)

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After you have uploaded your design, the next page will be “Pricing & Products”. On this page you’ll update pricing & add the additional colors for that product. When you click the “Add Additional Products” button seen HERE, you will notice that the design you’d uploaded does not appear on these additional products.

But WHY?!

When uploading artwork onto product, there are many variables to consider. Sizing of the design in comparison to the sizing of the garment is the most important. Think of uploading a design onto a Large size garment (default size), the sizing of that artwork would look very big on small garments & very small on a 5XL garments. Make sense?

This is why we do everything for you! We adjust the design to best fit the garment size ordered by your customer(s).

Have no fear, you did not miss a step! Just continue along your product launching journey & rest assured we’ve got your back! 

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