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If you are trying to combine different product groups and/or design color variations to a single product page, check this out!

First & Foremost,

It is very important to remember that you can NEVER change the SKU on any Viralstyle Fulfillment products. This is the link between your Shopping cart & our Fulfillment queue.

To combine design color variations and/or different product groups:


• First, launch the product with Dark print as its own product. 

• Then, launch the product with Light print as its own product.

• Next, copy & paste all variants & SKU from one product page to the other product page.

• Last, download the asset(s) from the first product & add them to the final product.


I have added the asset (image/mock-up) to the opposing product to combine. I have copy/pasted the variants & SKU to the opposing product as well.

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