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Online coupon codes offer consumers a chance to save money on their online purchases, just as paper coupons do inside traditional stores. 

Marketers can use coupon codes for re-targeting strategies, to reward loyal customers, and encourage repeat buyers!

To create a coupon code: 

Click the "Coupons" icon to the left in your admin panel, then click the "Create Coupon" button. 

Important Notes:
You are not able to use non alphanumeric symbols when creating your coupon code, the following symbols are allowed: A-Z, 0-9, "_" & "-".

Name your Coupon: to remind you of why/where you'll be using it. Here you can see that I've named the coupon "Email Re-targeting - 1 to 5 Products Purchased", because I intend on using this coupon in an email marketing campaign for customers that have purchased 5 products or less. 

Codes are Case-Sensitive: so be sure you are sharing the exact code you've created. I've used code "DEAL2DAY", so I'll need to make sure that I share this code in all caps.

Set an Expiration Date: to create a sense of urgency for your customers to use the code and BUY NOW! Today is 4/5, so I'll set the coupons expiration to 4/9 so my customers have the entire weekend to use it. After the expiration date has passed, the coupon code will be disabled automatically for easy maintenance.

Set the Amount: which can be offered as USD or as a percentage. I've set my discount amount to $5.00USD, because the maximum dollar amount allowed for coupon codes is $5.00USD.

Set the Restriction: to determine which campaigns your customers can use this specific code for. Click the "Set Campaign Restriction" button, choose "All Campaigns" or click a specific campaign, which can then be confirmed under the "Restriction ?" field.

Share coupons automatically by appending the code to the end of your campaign URL using "coupon=code". 

  1. The URL for the campaign will look something like this, before applying the code:

  2. The coupon code is "TODAYSDEAL".

  3. The URL for the campaign should look like this, after applying the code:

  4. Any type of discount will come from the seller's profits

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