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Once the order is placed, Viralstyle Fulfillment will process & charge your verified payment source for production & shipping costs within 24hrs. Our turn-around times are between 5-15 days, pending on which product is ordered & where the product is shipping. 

We'll usually ship orders within 5-7 days, but we must list realistic times (below) in the event of a high-volume or holiday season. The Viralstyle Fulfillment Policy states that orders will ship out in 7-15 business days from the date the order has reached the Viralstyle Fulfillment queue. 

Listed Production times*:
• Standard apparel typically ships in 5-7 business days.
• Embroidery, Mugs, All Sublimation & Custom hand-made products may take around 10-12 business days. 

Shipping times (additional):
• Domestic 2-3 days
• International 7-10 days

* All shipping times listed above are estimates only, based on our average turnaround times, these may vary at times of high volume.

Orders may not reach the fulfillment queue in the following 2 cases:

1.) The order is in the “Action Required” tab, which can be found on the Orders Page in-app. Orders in the "Action Required" tab will require 1 of 3 manual updates/actions by the seller (you) before we can proceed. To learn more about these updates, please read the "Action Required" article below.

2.) If you have the "Auto-fulfill" setting turned OFF. This setting can be seen in the Settings tab on the Settings page.

Once the order has been successfully added to our Production queue, we'll invoice for payment (production & shipping) within 24hrs. You can check the status of the order HERE using the status tab & guide. 

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