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Shopify Integration | Why your production & shipping may be delayed

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1.) Be sure your App Settings are updated, orders will not be Auto-fulfilled if that option is “OFF”.

2.) Be sure that your payment method (Credit, Debit, Paypal) is valid and has sufficient funds.

3.) Check your “Action Required” tab on your Orders page in-app. Your order cannot be fulfilled if the customers shipping address or your return address is invalid.

This order will appear in the “Action Required” Tab on your Orders page in-app. You will be notified by email if this happens, which will require an update before moving the order into queue. Your order will remain paused, and will be processed as soon as the address is updated.

Click the “In-app Messenger” and reach out to our support team with the customer email. We will look into this order and give you an update.

At no point should you put your customer in touch with Viralstyle Fulfillment directly. Direct Customer Service is not a feature available when using this service.

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