When you are using the Viralstyle Fulfillment App on Shopify, the products you have launched in-app no longer apply to the "campaign" business model of Viralstyle.com (website).

Viralstyle Fulfillment products launched (in-app) through Shopify have no time limits, no print minimums & no goals. Every product you launch will be evergreen. Orders are added to the production queue as "one-off" orders. The billing cycle is twice per day, morning & evening.

What's the difference? 

We are working to update our Help Center & Knowledge Base to keep the confusion down to a minimum. You may have visited our website Viralstyle.com which is our core product/service. Viralstyle.com (website) has a different business model that does not apply to our Shopify sellers in any way. 

You should start off fresh and watch this video HERE

Please note: You will not be able to launch products on our website then import to your Shopify.

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