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Do You Have A Referral Program?
Do You Have A Referral Program?

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When you share your referral link, we share our profit with you! You'll receive up to $0.50 for every item sold by each seller who signs up using your link!*

For Example:

If you share your referral link with 10 different people and they each sell 500 products, you make $0.50 for each of those products sold.

That's $250 x 10/people = $2500.00


First, click the "Settings" icon in the menu bar to the left. Then click the "Payouts" tab up top. Then click the "Referrals" tab. Last, click "Copy Link" to copy your personalized referral link to your clipboard. 

You can share this link in an email, on social media or even a text message! 

*You will see that there is a cap set to $1250.00 per referral. This will be the limit to the amount of profit you can make for each account/seller who signs up using your link. The Viralstyle referral program prohibits users from referring themselves. Self referral payments will not be processed. 

*Please note that sales on campaigns that are live through the end of the month will not be calculated for the current referral cycle.

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