We've given you full control over your products… Even on live campaigns!

One of the things we felt was essential for us to run our business was to have full control over every aspect of our campaigns. We kept that in mind when designing the dashboard for Viralstyle. When you launch a campaign you can still edit every aspect of it after it is live without having to ask for permission or help.

Click the options tab "•••" to the right of the campaign in question. Then, click the "details" button, followed by the "products" tab in the top menu bar.

Change product pricing at any time. Hover above the product pricing, then click the price field to update. Clicking anywhere outside of the box will auto-save the pricing update. Repeat these steps to set the MSRP.

Click the "Add Product" rectangle to choose a product style, then click the color squares to add color options and save. 

Note: You can add/remove colors at any time, by hovering above the product in question and clicking each color option on/off.

Set your default (landing) product, this will be the first product your customers see on your sales page. Click the right/left arrows to select the landing product, click the color box you'd like for that landing product then choose the front/back of the product view.

Remember to SAVE!

From this page you can add products or even deactivate products that you want removed from the campaign. If there are multiple products in this campaign, you can deactivate or activate products at any time. Click the "eye" icon in the top-right of the product box to confirm.

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